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Lagar Melivoro

Title: Lagar Melivoro
dimensions: 0,90 x 1,30 m
Canvas, mix technique, acrilic, nankim and other materials
Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil. 09/02/2011

Definition, by Michaelis online:

lagar (portuguese)
sm press: a) fruit press, machine to press fruit. b) place where such a press is operated. olive press. wine press machine.

melivoro (portuguese) (definition by myself….)
sm Mech. Zool 1 honey-ivore: specimen of the Honeyivora. 2the Honeyivora: an order of honeyivorous living machines. • adj honeyivorous, honey-eating; very-sweet-food-eating;

In this case, the lagar as a mistic place, or:  a machine to press sugar-cane in order to obtain the sugar-cane juice. As a living machine, its a honeyivora specimen. As a lagar, a mistical and simbolic place of the contemporary plantations in South America, but also a spectrum of the fagia over the industry, layered under the black absortive density of the giant industry for sugar and ecologic fuel, the alcohol.

This painting made in three phases: a first industrialized layer, under evertything, a second layer with an obvious industry equalized in colours and meannings, and the third as the point wich links the first phases of the sugar-cane juice, by lagar geared and cilindered machines until contemporary models.

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