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Amazilia sobrevoando Lavandula vulcanica

Title: Amazilia sobrevoando Lavandula Vulcanica, 100×100 cm
dimensions: 1,0 x 1,0 m
Canvas, mix technique, acrilic, nankim and other materials
Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil. 21/04/2011


Amazilia is a hummingbird genus in the subfamily Trochilinae. It occurs in tropical Central and South America (

sobrevoando: overflying

The lavenders (Lavandula) are a genus of 39 species of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae. (

This variety of lavender is volcanic because its bloom and foliage derived from eruptions listed under the coordination of mathematical algorithms that have random data and therefore does not repeat.
This variety occurs in an environment of transition between the manifestation of the real and ideal.


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Lagar Melivoro

Title: Lagar Melivoro
dimensions: 0,90 x 1,30 m
Canvas, mix technique, acrilic, nankim and other materials
Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil. 09/02/2011

Definition, by Michaelis online:

lagar (portuguese)
sm press: a) fruit press, machine to press fruit. b) place where such a press is operated. olive press. wine press machine.

melivoro (portuguese) (definition by myself….)
sm Mech. Zool 1 honey-ivore: specimen of the Honeyivora. 2the Honeyivora: an order of honeyivorous living machines. • adj honeyivorous, honey-eating; very-sweet-food-eating;

In this case, the lagar as a mistic place, or:  a machine to press sugar-cane in order to obtain the sugar-cane juice. As a living machine, its a honeyivora specimen. As a lagar, a mistical and simbolic place of the contemporary plantations in South America, but also a spectrum of the fagia over the industry, layered under the black absortive density of the giant industry for sugar and ecologic fuel, the alcohol.

This painting made in three phases: a first industrialized layer, under evertything, a second layer with an obvious industry equalized in colours and meannings, and the third as the point wich links the first phases of the sugar-cane juice, by lagar geared and cilindered machines until contemporary models.

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