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Flying carp and aquatic cherrytree

Title: Flying carps and aquatic cherrytree  –   Tobu koi to mizu no sakura

Dim: 100x100cm
Technic: acrilic, glue, cofee, sugar, nankim on canvas
Conclusion date: 28/08/2011
Local: Bauru, SP
Author: Gabriel Noboru Ishida

This painting still in a japanese style, contemporary and even influenced by manga narrative structures, or japanese mithological narrative patterns. Anyway, it has a huge influence from brazilian northeast folk, specially when we talk about the flying fish, a permanent creature from nature and imaginarium from this side of Brazil.  Otherwise, an oniric environment is made to compose a background where you can´t define if it´s a fiction, a dream or an aquarium, a real place, or nowhere. So this red is a japanese architecture, and the white geometries also, maybe an industrial reflection,  or some echoe.


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